2017/05/16CHINA XD Displays Its Material Innovations at CHINAPLAS 2017Source: local

CHINA XD Displays Its Material Innovations at CHINAPLAS 2017


Guangzhou, China, May 16, 2017  At CHINAPLAS 2017 held in Guangzhou, the leading polymer composite materials manufactuer China XD displayed a series of its materials innovations in automotive, 3D priting, rail transportation, food packaging, houseware and other sectors, attracted markets attention.

Comprehensive Automotive Light-weighting Solutions

CHINA XD showcased both petroleum-based materials and bio-based materials for automotive applications. The application highlights at the show are the car crank handle grips and housing for car interior ceiling lamps made from plant fibre reinforced materials, comparing with traditionally used polyproperlene, it has enhanced stiffness with reduced weight, meanwhile, it has a longer service life and superior machanical properties.

CHINA XD also introduced its petroleum-based high performance materials which can be widely used in automotive interior parts, such as automotive handrails and rearview mirror shells. The material features a number of advantages such as high strength, heat resistance, high toughness and excellent impact resistance under low temperature. 

Application of CHINA XDs Materials in Automotive

Diversified 3D Printing Materials

CHINA XD emphasized its light curing materials, nylon materials and wires for 3D printing, providing comprehensive options to meet with various customers needs.

Among them, XD's new light curing material boasts lower viscosity, excellent anti-aging performance, and strong mechanical strength in comparison with traditional light curing materials. It can be used for the printing of ultra-thin high-precision industrial parts. Applied in structural verification in the R&D process, they can also shorten the R&D cycle and reduce die sinking costs in the R&D process.

In addition, the 3D printing can also be widely used in medical sectors, for example, it can be used in protective gears for recovery after thoracic and abdominal surgery, enabling people to customize chest and abdomen fixing bands according to body sizes and age of patients instead of offering a limited number of specifications, thereby improving the comfort of protective gears on the basis of its ergonomic design.

Part of CHINA XDs 3D Printing Products 

To meet the needs of consumption upgrade, China XD just initiated 'Industry Technology Innovation Platform', to unite efforts from multiple sources, building an efficient and powerful R & D system on technologies required. Our efforts are foucsed on 4 areas, namely high performance petroleum-based materials, light-weighting polymers, large scale production of bio-based materials and 3D printing materials, we hope our innovations can help shape the new image of Made in China, commented Mr Ma Qingwei, Managing Director of CHINA XD. 

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