2015/05/05"Corn plastic change" Hisun project of poly lactic acid degradationSource:

"Corn plastic change" Hisun project of poly lactic acid degradation


More and more widely used in plastic products, waste plastics will be increased, in the traditional plastic products gradually evolved into a "white pollution", people began to call to have a green alternative into our life.

For the pursuit of this dream, an innovative team Hisun group, more than 10 years as one day rooted in laboratory, and finally developed a biodegradable polylactic acid material, and promote the industrialization of new biological materials.

From snack boxes to plain drinking glasses to fiber gloves, these daily necessities you see are made with this new type of biological material.

When full of starch corn is processed into colorless transparent liquid lactic acid after modern biological technology, and then through a special polymerization reaction, a granular polymer material polylactic acid is produced. The PLA is Hisun group to test the water biological material innovation. And this is the leading product development Hisun group PLA development and application of science and technology innovation team.

Start as early as 2000 the Hisun group in cooperation with the Institute of Applied Chemistry Changchun Research Institute, decided on PLA areas to carry out industrialization research. At that time, the only world to achieve the industrialization of polylactic acid is only the United States NatureWorks company. This decision and Hisun group, also let it Changchun Institute of applied chemistry research is always immersed in the experimental poly lactic acid material Bian Xinchao saw an opportunity.

In 2007 after the completion of laboratory and pilot production, China's first annual production capacity of 5000 tons of polylactic acid production line model in the sea smooth production. With the production line put into operation, this also marks China has become the world's second to achieve the industrialization of polylactic acid production of the country. Since then, Hisun group way to expand capacity continuously Strike while the iron is hot., until now, has formed a production capacity of 15000 tons of polylactic acid.

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