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PLA material - when printed, gives off a faint smell of corn


PLA material is so popular. Now, with the 3D printer type, research and development constantly, the corresponding printing materials also emerge in endlessly. Although PLA material is no longer a new material, but for the time being, PLA material is still more practical. PLA material is usually the preferred printing material for most desktop 3D printer enthusiasts. It is environmentally friendly (at least greener than ABS), non-toxic, affordable, and wide range of applications, and is ideal for a wide variety of DIY projects.

For the well known PLA printing materials with good fluidity, easy to print products are not broken, and print out the product has a unique matte surface. For these advantages, the introduction of PLA materials, intelligent intelligence, are also together, the biggest bright spot is that in PLA materials, a total of 15 colors. Among them, the colorful and gradual change of color is more for the PLA material to discard the previous printing of products, a single tone, for printing products re angry. Of course, it also has its drawback, that is, it is difficult to remove in support and low impact resistance. However, these shortcomings are believed to be acceptable to most users. Because, as long as you find the proper way to remove it, it will be relatively easy.

In the candy color in this material a riot of colours in two colors, and especially of gold and silver, gold and silver have also been one of the favorite color; so many kinds of colors, for 3D printing parts and assembled products, is like a tiger with wings added. In print home products, there is no need to worry about the use of PLA material is harmful to health, PLA material is mainly biodegradable material, when printing, but also exudes a faint smell of corn.

It has excellent inter - layer adhesion and excellent dimensional stability, so it is very easy to use, but the product has a high print temperature of 200 - 265 degrees C. Line diameter is divided into 3 millimeters and 1.75 millimeters two kinds, you can buy this kind of PLA material on the official website of the shopping mall, according to each roll weight and diameter, color, so the price is different.

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