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PEEK "stands out" because of its excellent biocompatibility


Polye, there, therke, tones (PEEK), the Chinese name for peek, is a high performance polymer composed of hydroquinone and 4,4 - two fluoro two benzophenone via multi-step reaction polycondensation.

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is distinguished from many medical raw materials. It is closely related to its own characteristics and has excellent biocompatibility. The "stand out" of PEEK is excellent because of its excellent biocompatibility

Biocompatibility is one of the basic requirements for whether a material is suitable for implants. The implants must be free of cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and are not susceptible to allergies. Evonik (Evonik) VESTAKEEP implantation grade peek of the company, not only in the foreign independent testing agency (GLP laboratory) in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO10993 to carry out biological compatibility test, but also in the Chinese CFDA, with surgical implants directly under the peek project testing qualification and Department of orthopedics medical equipment project testing qualified testing agencies, strictly according to the requirements of the national standard GB16886 China carried out a complete biocompatibility test. Both domestic and overseas test reports show that VESTAKEEP (Evonik) - based implantable grade ether ketone (PEEK) has excellent biocompatibility without any side effects.
X ray penetrability

And compared to metal, VESTAKEEP level can be implanted peek of X ray, has good visibility: 1. to avoid artifacts in X ray film; 2. can realize the operation in CT scanning or magnetic resonance imaging, to help doctors adjust the implant position during surgery, postoperative easy to track healing the process, in order to achieve good healing and bone growth monitoring.

The elastic modulus is closer to the cortical bone

VESTAKEEP implant grade peek elastic modulus and the bones move among force and soft, more close, can effectively alleviate the stress shielding effect, skeletal stress is not entirely borne by the implant, and the bone healthier and longer.

Since its inception, PEEK is active in the field of medical devices for each intervertebral fusion if patients with spinal degenerative disease, the doctor may recommend the removal of diseased intervertebral disc, then known as the "implantation restoration cage" alternative. The fusion device is thought to provide an osseous junction between adjacent vertebrae, and the central hole of the fuse can be filled with calcium phosphate or autologous bone. The intervertebral cage is mostly anatomical and its surface serrated structure provides higher initial stability - a stability obtained only by clamping effects within the bone implant. In addition to the interbody cage, researchers have also developed innovative applications of PEEK in the lumbar spine pedicle screw dynamic fixation system, the Lumbar Interspinous implant system, the artificial disc and the artificial spinal nucleus.

Seam Rivet

PEEK suture rivet is widely used in sports medicine, and most commonly used for the treatment of rotator cuff or ligament tear or other joint injuries. The metal suture rivet is prone to loosening, pulling out and complications of cartilage damage. The presence of high strength sutures increases the load at the seams and rivet joints, thereby increasing the risk of joint cutting. The PEEK seam rivet can avoid these problems; at the same time, PEEK has higher strength than absorbable rivets.

Craniofacial Surgery

Whether it's a congenital defect or a skull injury caused by an accident or disease, a skull implant is used to protect a patient's delicate brain. Thanks to the 3D scanning technique, the 3D structure of the skull is reconstructed accurately on the computer, and a personalized skull implant is produced by the CNC cutting technique.

For patients, they love super low heat conductive material: when the ambient temperature with a drastic change, for example, in winter when the patients from the warm to cold outside, titanium skull plate excellent thermal conductivity can make patients feel pain and discomfort. VESTAKEEP, an implantable implant made of polyether ether ketone, has received FDA510 (K) certification.

Oral Cavity

PEEK materials have been used in dental implant accessories such as temporary abutments, healing caps and healing bases for more than 10 years. The winner of the VESTAKEEP enhanced porcelain PEEK is a new type of material specially designed for the field of prosthodontics. Compared with the commonly used metal, zirconia and alumina and other materials, has the following advantages: CAD/CAM process, 1:1 cutting, without sintering, more accurate; low density, light weight, soft texture, with comfortable wearing; from the damping effect of each bite; excellent biocompatibility, no release or metal monomer and human incompatible substances, prevent gum allergy and colored porcelain modified PEEK a natural white luster, beautiful and durable.

Implantable Humoral Pump

This is an implanted, battery driven pump that carries excess ascites into the bladder and is excreted in the patient with ascites. Eliminate the pain of routine puncture with routine puncture.

Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation System

The sublingual nerve stimulation system of VESTAKEEP, a beta implant, has been approved by CE for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSA). In the clinical trials conducted in the United States and Australia, the vast majority of patients showed a marked reduction in obstructive sleep apnea and improved sleep quality, quality of life and overall health.

In order to meet the various needs of the clinic, Evonik have developed a variety of VESTAKEEP implantation PEEK derivatives, barium sulfate developing type PEEK and carbon fiber (CF) reinforced PEEK, and carry out the research of PEEK coating and some provide coating services for medical device company. Independent testing institutions, the existing test results show that: VESTAKEEP PEEK embedded implant has excellent tensile and shear strength, and the combination of coating is very solid, to meet all the relevant requirements of FDA. With the further study of PEEK performance and the development of PEEK based derivatives, the future of PEEK polymers in medical field is immeasurable.

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